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Jump around with our

hip-hop lessons

Jump up, jump up and get down!

Hip-hop 'til you drop near Brigg and Bottesford

Hip-hop and street styles of dance have grown increasingly popular over the last few years and it's not hard to see why. Lively and inventive, it's a whole lot of fun trying out their original shapes and moves. Break, lock and pop to hip-hop 'til you drop!

Are you hoping to learn a vibrant and cutting-edge style of dance and look good while doing it? Hip-hop is a perfect choice! Whether you dance on your own as a hobby or are part of a dance crew, our hip-hop lessons will bring out the creative side of you!

Street style

A leaping dancer male and female hip-hop dancers

Perfect poses and strut the catwalk with style near  Brigg and Bottesford

Model ambition

Do you have ambition to become a model, learn how to walk the catwalk or perfect a pose for the camera? We have lessons available which can teach you all of the above. Precision is key to striking a perfect pose and finding the very best angle for your photo shoot. With our years of experience we aim to bring out the best in you for maximum results.

Let the music choose your style of dance with freestyle disco dance lessons. Feel the freedom and express yourself and your body to enhance your style. Trendy and simple with runs, spins, kicks and diverse steps - it is one of our most popular dance classes. Starting from 3 years and upwards, it is the perfect introduction to a life of dance. Why not start with one of our medal classes from tots and boppers to junior and teenage years. Then move onto our award winning squad to specialise in freestyle competitions.

Get on the floor!

Girl striking a pose

Strike a pose with our

freestyle lessons