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Keep dancing with our ballroom dance lessons

Have a ball in the ballroom in  Brigg and Bottesford

Strictly ballroom near Brigg and Bottesford

Ballroom dancing has never been more popular than it is right now, which is mostly due to the phenomenal success of the TV series Strictly Come Dancing. Have you always longed to get up off the sofa and give it a go yourself? It's a whole lot of fun! Come along to one of our ballroom dance lessons, you could be a natural!

Ballroom dancing is enjoyed socially and competitively. If your dream is to enter dance competitions in the future, we can prepare and shape you into the best dancer you can possibly be with our coaching and expertise in the ballroom field. Learn how to meet judges' criteria, including footwork, poise, hold and shape with dynamic choreography to interpret expression, musicality, timing, shape and presentation.

Competitive spirit